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Welcome to Bromley, Luna the Bear!

Introducing Luna - our Banana Moon Bromley Bear

Thank you to everyone who voted on our socials and in person at our very successful Open Day. 

We are delighted to welcome Luna and can't wait to see what adventures our Bear will go on. We have prepared "Luna's Travel Diary" and Luna will start popping home, so parents should keep a look out! 

We know from experience that children look forward to taking care of our nursery bears and bringing something from the nursery home with them. Taking Luna on day trips and holidays, to visit grandparents or play in the garden, all gives every child the opportunity to add to Luna's Travel Diary and share their stories with their friends. 

How far will Luna travel in the world? And how many people will our brilliant Bear meet? 

We will send home a diary entry page for parents to complete with their children. We can't wait for you to tell us all about your adventures! Parents can upload pictures to our Parent App Blossom or email them in and we can print them out to add to your diary entry. Luna the Bear takes data protection and privacy very seriously... the completed diary and pictures will only be held on site for the children to share with their peers. 

What do we want to hear about? A description of Bear Adventures  - where did Luna go, what did Luna see, what did Luna do, what did Luna smell and what did Luna eat?  

Taking Luna home is a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds between nursery life and home life and build the partnership between parents and practitioners. And when children are excitedly sharing their stories they are all practicing their communication and language skills speaking to us ,(if they're old enough!), while the rest of us practice our listening, attention and understanding. 

We know for our youngest children, this can feel a bit like parents "homework" and you're right, it is, but it's also good practice for parents when their children get older and they are up to their elbows in their children's homework projects. Happy times! 

Luna has already been to Cornwall with our Deputy Manager Wendy, and had a lovely time sightseeing and enjoying the sea views. 

We hope you all enjoy going on adventures with Luna - we can't wait to hear all about it.

@BananaMoon - 10 months ago


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